General Purpose 3:1 (Pre-blended Sand & Cement Mix)

Product Description

N&C General Purpose 3:1 pre-blended sand & cement mix is comprised of 3 parts sharp sand and 1 part portland cement. It can be used for small jobs such as block work, installing wall and pier capping, repairs to footpaths and steps. Just add water and mix to required consistency.

  • Available in 20kg weather proof plastic bag.

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Note: Images of the Products are enlarged and suited for web purpose to give the indication of the colour and style. The images does not indicate the actual size of the Product. Customers may also be advised that aggregates are a natural product source, in which case colour and size can not be guaranteed. It is essential that you check in store at your nearest N&C Enterprises stockist prior to ordering from the N&C or River Collection range.

The mortar is premixed and ready to use once mixed with clean potable water.
Dry mix: 3 litres of water per 25kgs (one bag)
Standard mix: 4 litres of water per 25kgs (one bag)
Wet mix: 5 litres of water per 25kgs (one bag) (maximum allowed water )

For best results hold 0.5 litres back and check consistency before adding remainder. Over watering
will increase the water-cement ratio and reduce the strength of the mortar.
Mortar entrains air naturally; this should be removed by very light tamping, trowling or floating
When joining to or repairing existing concrete, the existing concrete should be dust free and wet down. To achieve
extra bond a Polymer/Cement paste could be applied to the existing surface.
Plasticiser, water reducing or polymer admixtures can be added to increase workability, Iron oxide pigments can also be added
to give required colour; follow manufacturers instructions and dosage rates.
Hydrated lime can be added to a maximum of 3.5lts volume per 25kgs to convert the mix into a 3:1:1 Sand: Cement: Lime mixture.
The mixture should be used as soon as possible after mixing with water, to a maximum of 1 hour, retempering with water will
reduce long-term strength.

Do not use in temperatures below 5 degrees celsius or when ground is frozen. Protect from freezing conditions for the first 48 hours by
covering with the suitable insulating material.
Protect from excessive drying for the first 48 hours as loss of moisture will weaken the long-term strength. (Cover with wet
hessian, or/and or plastic and keep the surface moist)

The Product is manufactured from products that comply with the following standards
I.S. EN 197-1 Cement –composition, specification and conformity criteria –Part 1: Common cement
I.S. EN 12160 Aggregates for Concrete
I.S. EN 934-2 Admixture for concrete, mortar and grout – part 2 Concrete admixtures –Definitions and requirements

  • General Purpose 3&1 Data Sheet


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